Slow start for CGG Akon chez Diskos

Replacing Petrobank has proved a tough challenge for new operator.

As we reported earlier this year, Akon, CGG’s seismic data management solution that was selected by the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate to replace the venerable Petrobank, has had a troubled start up. Speaking at this year’s ECIM conference, the NPD’s Eric Toogood provided an update on the data transfer and operator changeover. The whole process has taken some three years and has been costly but necessary to comply with stringent Norwegian government procurement rules. Previously, changeovers did not involve major technology shifts as Petrobank has powered Diskos from the outset.

This time, CGG’s Akon, derived from its Trango seismic data management solution, needed further development to fulfill the Diskos requirements. Data migration from Petrobank to Akon also proved problematical, requiring understanding of both data models and duplicating complex built-in database triggers. Toogood also offered a mea culpa on behalf of the NPD, acknowledging that the tender could have been clearer.

Data migration has revealed data issues requiring clean-up of company names and data ownership. CGG is now visiting end users to collect requirements and fine tune the solution. A web service API is under development for the WhereOil front end. The new Diskos website is up and running and offers open access to Norwegian production data.

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