PGS, Kaust, Aramco and Bull/Atos enter new Top500 list

Cray, Dell and Bull power oil country petaflop-scale high performance computers.

The latest TOP500 list of the world’s fastest supercomputers includes a few new oil and gas entries. Kaust*’s Shaheen II, a Cray XC40 is the fastest in the category with a 7 petaflop peak. Next is Abel, PGS’s Cray XC30 at 5 pf. Saudi Aramco’s Makman-2, a Dell PowerEdge R630-based machine follows at 3.0 pf. All these run Intel Haswell-class processors sans accelerators.

Three machines from Atos-owned Bull Computer come next, all installed at Brazil’s Laboratório Nacional de Computação Científica. Together the HPC infrastructure comprises the biggest supercomputer in Latin America with a peak capacity of 1.4 petaflops. The supercomputer will offer HPC services to the Brazilian government and, inter alia, Petrobras researchers.

The Santos Dumont range comprises different configurations of the Bullx B700 direct liquid cooled series.

Atos CTO Philippe Vannier said, ‘We are also opening an R&D Center in Petrópolis, just North of Rio de Janeiro, that is fully integrated with our global R&D,’

* King Abdullah university of science and technology.

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