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The 2015 release of Tecplot RS, a post-processor and visualization tool for reservoir engineering offers bubble and pie chart enhancements, an interactive equation editor and support for multi-reservoir Nexus models.

At the Life user meet earlier this year, Landmark rolled out its ‘Earth’ interpretation solution. A DecisionSpace bundle delivered either from the cloud or from an on-site appliance.

Following its acquisition of Recon earlier this year, SeisWare 9.1 is now integrated with Recon 4.4 through dynamically linking with the new SeisWare API Server, automatically updating changes made in either application.

Technical Toolboxes has introduced SkyBoxes, cloud-based versions of its upstream and midstream tools that can be run from the desktop or mobile devices.

Spectra Logic reports on the imminent arrival of LTO-7 tape technology with 15 terabyte (compressed) capacity and compatibility with Spectra TSeries libraries.

O’Meara Consulting is now a certified partner for Schlumberger’s Ocean/Petrel ecosystem. The 5.6 release of O’Meara’s Geo2Flow patented technology helps identifying reservoir compartments.

DataNet 2.5 from IDS includes a port of the software from its Flex/Flash to a modern HTML 5 GUI offering access to the software from multiple endpoints without the need for client software. HTML 5 offers a ‘rich and robust’ experience across different browsers.

The 6.3 release of Ikon’s RokDoc includes 3D enhancements for multi-component pre-stack inversion, 3D model building and ‘supra-horizontal’ well handling. RokDoc now also can import ChronoSeis structural models.

Yokogawa’s Exaquantum R3.01 plant information management system delivers a six-fold increase in bandwidth and can handle up to half a million tags. Exaquantum is now positioned as Yokogawa’s data historian.

Halliburton reports successful deployment of its SmartPlex downhole control system in a six-zone multilateral well in the Middle East. SmartPlex enables remote actuation of downhole control devices using electro-hydraulic control lines from the surface. The system provides reliable control of up to 12 interval control valves in a single wellbore.

Epsis TeamBox 6.0 sees a new architecture and data service for larger deployments. The collaboration solution also now offers workflow libraries, allowing for fine-grain control over what users can see and edit.

DGB’s OpendTect Pro (a.k.a. V6.0) from dGB Earth Sciences offers ‘movie-style’ inspection of 3D data, a new 3D auto-tracker, a ‘thalweg tracker,’ ray-tracer and PDF-3D output. Watch the video presentation.

APS Technology’s ‘SureShot’ EM MWD System has successfully transmitted from a depth of 3,080 meters in an oil-based mud, achieving a 6 bit per second data rate.

AIMS Global Consulting’s ZynQ 360 offers high definition, 360° spherical photography and video for real-time collaboration and visual review of an asset. The tool provides a bridge between CMMS and ERP systems and users.

A new ‘Brava’ HTML 5 client for AssaiDCMS offers ‘zero footprint’ collaboration for users of engineering documents and images.

Pegasus Vertex has announced the imminent release of ‘CleanMax,’ its new wellbore cleanup software. Cleanmax optimizes completion displacement calculation, minimizing spacer interfacing and reducing rig time and costs. A CleanMax+ edition targets deep water operations involve displacements using the choke, kill and boost lines.

Johnson Battery Technologies and BP have developed a solid-state battery suited to wireless and remote applications in high temperature environments.

The 16.5 version of Faro’s PointSense and VirtuSurv laser scanning software complement native Autodesk programs with point cloud functionality.

IHRDC’s new IPIMS 3.0 e-learning software includes updates to the user interface and library. IPIMS e-Learning series comprises 136 topics covering upstream technology disciplines with a new tablet-friendly user interface.

Entero’s Mosaic 2015 includes improvements to capital planning and performance analysis, new type curve process, ‘SMOG’ reporting and a new 64-bit edition.

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