FEI launches PerGeos pore space explorer

New software productizes digital rock data visualization and analysis.

FEI has launched PerGeos, a new software platform for visualization, analysis and modeling of digital rock data. PerGeos capitalizes on FEI’s acquisitions of Visualization sciences group (2013) and Lithicon (2014) and productizes the digital rock techniques that were previously offered as a service.

FEI VP oil and gas Mark Bashforth explained, ‘PerGeos works with multi-scale imagery and CT* scans of cores to investigate the microstructures of reservoir rocks. The high-resolution datasets are used to evaluate reservoir quality by identifying lithology, mineralogy, porosity and permeability.

PerGeos performs statistics and extracts texture to reveal fractures, depositional features and pore fill. Petrophysicists gain insight into the pore space architecture that controls flow behavior. PerGeos workflows provide statistics on absolute permeability and capillary pressure. Along with the software, FEI provides a whole core viewing workspace that includes an auto core assembler for ease of data input. More from FEI.

* Computer tomography.

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