Petroweb’s Enterprise Database

PPDM-based log and well file management system gets rules engine-based data QC.

The latest (15.1) release of PetroWeb’s Enterprise DB, the PPDM-based log and well file data management system includes enhancements focused on data quality, visualization and speed. A new rules engine lets data managers author and run data rules against their data, identifying issues and providing data quality reports. A new indexing platform provides Google-style search across databases, map services and file shares.

PetroWeb’s Navigator GIS-based data discovery application has also been upgraded with workflows for identifying and analyzing data from map and database sources. Reports can be launched directly from the map via pop-ups. A new geo-faceting feature provides ‘heat maps’ of data by location.
Enterprise DB can also serve as a corporate well data master for the management of large volumes of subsurface data. More from PetroWeb.

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