BP’s production data infrastructure from bespoke to COTS

GE Predix connects BP worldwide wells to the ‘industrial internet.' Predix ‘now in the cloud.’

In a new production optimization effort, BP is to deploy GE’s Predix data infrastructure to connect its wells to what GE likes to describe as the ‘industrial internet.’ Initially, some 650 wells will be connected with a forecast expansion to 4,000 wells across the world over the next several years. Predix is the core industrial data platform for all of GE’s industries, on top of which, ‘Predictivity’ solutions are built for applications such as alarms and notifications, electrical submerged pump monitoring and more.
BP’s Peter Griffiths said, ‘This technology will improve efficiency and reduce the complexity of our operations, making them safer and more reliable. The standard platform supports BP’s move away from bespoke software to off-the-shelf industry solutions. These integrate with our work processes but come without the long-term support costs of a bespoke approach.’

In a separate announcement, GE reports that Predix is now available as a cloud-based hosted option. It’s not clear whether BP’s data is hosted by GE (we did ask). Another issue for cloud-deployed analytics is the degree to which companies will share their data in the cloud. GE claims that Predix is in operation on some 14,000 ESP wells world-wide (OITJ Feb 2014). More from GE.

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