AIS internet of things meets the digital oilfield

American Industrial Systems hardware supports IT/OT convergence.

A white paper from American Industrial Systems investigates IT and operations technology convergence as the internet of things meets the digital oilfield. AIS manufactures ruggedized, open architecture computers and touch panel systems. AIS argues that the need for greater safety along with a shrinking oil and gas workforce is driving take-up of smart human-machine interface (HMI) systems. AIS’s HMIs track pressure, flow, temperature and operating data. The kit is certified compliant with the Department of transportation’s pipeline and hazardous materials safety administration regulations and ATEX Zone 2. AIS’ latest offering includes Industrial box PCs, DIN rail and thin client industrial PCs. A new ‘internet of things’ gateway provides flexible input/output interfaces to process control and scada networks. AIS’ client workstations are equipped with ‘ThinManager, a smart process controller used by Chevron. More from AIS.

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