NERC rolls out SciDB ’smart science’ gateway

Paradigm4 open source online testbed for terabyte datasets.

The US Department of Energy’s National energy research scientific computing center has announced a ‘smart science gateway,’ an online testbed for developers working with complex queries on terabyte data sets. The gateway is a front end for a hosted edition of Paradigm4’s SciDB, an open source database for large scale array-structured data. SciDB has applications in time-series sensor data, satellite imagery and as a store for big data ‘graph-like’ structures. SciDB leverages parallel architectures for fast analysis of terabyte arrays of scientific data.

The database scales across hundreds of nodes and can be deployed on commodity hardware or on supercomputers. NERSC claims SciDB’s main virtue is that it enables the use of HPC hardware without the need to learn parallel programming and I/O. More from NERSC.

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