OSIsoft EAME Midstream 2015, Paris

PI Connectors for big data. PG&E’s 90 foot video wall. Chevron Pipeline’s ops data console.

Speaking at the OSIsoft EAME Midstream Oil & Gas Industry Forum in Paris earlier this year, Yves Gauthier walked through some of the innovations in the real time data capture and analytics toolset. Of particular interest were the new PI Connectors that automate the configuration of new classes of equipment, rationalizing PI Server’s 500 interfaces into 20 ‘connectors.’ The move to the cloud is now a reality and cloud connect allows sharing of data with partners and authorized contractors. PI Integrator now offers ‘big data’ connectivity, pushing data to analytical engine from Spotfire, Cognos, SAS and SAP or into roll-your-own Hadoop-based systems. PI to ESRI ArcGIS was also a highlight.

OSIsoft’s Michael Graves described how flagship client Pacific Gas & Electric is working to make sure nothing like the San Bruno pipeline catastrophe (OITJ December 2014) happens again. According to PG&E this was caused by a ‘failure to understand what was happening in the data and in the system.’ PG&E had to change and now has an OSIsoft-based solution that provides access to data across the pipeline network from an impressive, 90 foot video wall. The software provides predictive capabilities and operational intelligence leveraging again the ESRI to PI link. Graves also walked through Chevron Pipeline’s ‘operational data console’ which uses PI Asset Framework across operations and the business, blending SharePoint components from OSIsoft and Microsoft.

Emmanuel Freitag showed how GDFSuez’ unit Storengy has rationalized data flows across its underground natural gas storage network. Storengy stores natural gas in aquifers and salt cavities across France. PI Asset Framework organizes data from 20,000 scada tags and 13 storage sites. An in-house developed model, ‘Ultim’ links PI with Matlab to optimize system performance. More from OSIsoft.

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