The ArcGIS platform, from confusion to ‘clear benefits'

Exprodat’s CTO traces evolution of mapping for non-specialists.

Exprodat CTO Chris Jepps blogged recently on the maturing ArcGIS platform. Esri made the ‘platform’ announcement some three years back, causing some confusion in the community. Today, the platform is truly capable of delivering maps and location analytics to ‘people who don’t know or care what GIS stands for.’

For those in who do care, notably GIS-savvy explorationists, Jepps sees ‘clear benefits’ in moving to a platform. ArcGIS facilitates GIS data access through ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS. Users can easily find and run the apps they need to do their job. ArcGIS also decouples data and analytics from the desktop making them accessible across the organization and to non-specialists.

The ability to access maps from mobile endpoints is also a plus – especially for working in third party data rooms on farm-in opportunities. The platform delivers integrated views of key business data, apps for web-based maps and ‘Story Maps,’ even on an iPad. ArcGIS is free to users of Esri’s desktop and server products.

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