GeoTeric’s answer to ‘cognitive overload'

Example-driven framework and adaptive interpretation helps reveal the geology.

FFA/GeoTeric has announced Cognitive Interpretation (CI), said to be the answer to a seismic interpreter’s ‘cognitive overload,’ a situation where large data volumes lead to ‘confusion rather than understanding.’ Interpreting modern multi attribute 3D data volumes involves finding a match between what is on the screen and a known geological feature. According to GeoTeric, ‘no computer can achieve such a match as effectively as the human brain.’

Enter GeoTeric’s ‘cognitively intuitive’ display techniques. These include an RGB blended attribute volume that allows interpreters to scan through a 3D space and identify features characterized by varying seismic responses. Prior knowledge is used to identify, say, a channel system, and make inferences about its genesis.

CI uses ‘example-driven’ frameworks to allow for the simultaneous use of different data comparison techniques. ‘Adaptive interpretation’ helps select colors that best ‘reveal the geology.’ The tool also helps interpreters identify the best attributes to use in a particular context. More from GeoTeric.

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