GeoDigital, FLoT Systems, ECI team on virtual inspections

Drone-based inspection and location-based software assess pipeline route status.

GeoDigital, FLoT Systems, and Environmental Consultants are to team on an unmanned aerial vehicle-based (UAV) utility asset inspection service offering. The program combines high-resolution imagery collected by FLoT Systems’ beyond line-of-sight capable UAV, analytics and location-based work management software from GeoDigital, and virtual inspection of those images with utility, vegetation and asset management expertise from ECI. The solution will help operators of critical infrastructure including pipelines use UAVs (a.k.a. drones) to locate potential risks.

FLoT Systems’ CEO Chris Vallier said, ‘We have been developing the ability to utilize long-range UAVs to collect high value facility information. We understand how to operate within the current regulatory framework while helping clients prepare for full-scale commercial activity in the near future.’

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