Woodside to Watson ‘WITH you were here'

IBM’s AI/big data solution for engineers in Woodside’s innovation and technology hub.

Woodside has followed in Repsol’s footsteps with the deployment of IBM Watson as part of its ‘next steps in data science.’ Woodside also announced ‘WITH’ a innovation and technology hub. The hub will leverage Watson and other big data techniques to combine sensor and control system data, automating high-cost, high-risk or error-prone tasks. WITH will build on Woodside’s real world LNG plant expertise including new technology platforms such as NearShore LNG and ‘ultra-modular’ NextGen LNG.

Watson will be trained by Woodside engineers, gleaning insights from unstructured historical data in project reports. Senior VP Shaun Gregory said ‘the new toolkit brings evidence-based predictive data science that will bring down costs and increase efficiencies across our organization. We plan to use this predictive tool whereby every part of our organization will be able to make decisions based on informed and accurate insights.’

Watson’s cloud-based ‘lessons learned’ cognitive advisory service is said to ‘scale’ engineers’ knowledge and make insights and information accessible. A lessons learned function lets engineers ask complex questions in natural language.

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