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New Resqml release. OGC seeks comment on SensorThings and new WebCoverage standards. XBRL announces US center for data quality.

Energistics’ Resqml V2.0.1 release candidate is now available for review and comment. The release adds a new activity model for capturing model workflows, a property series object for time variant data and representation of streamlines for fluid flow modeling. The new data objects are delivered in self-contained packages of the UML data model. Download the standard from the Energistics web site.

The Open geospatial consortium is seeking public comment on its SensorThings API standard for the Internet of things. The API is a free and non-proprietary lightweight specification that enables developers to connect to devices without having to use the heterogeneous protocols of different devices, gateways and services. The candidate standard follows REST principles and uses an efficient JSON encoding and the OASIS OData URL conventions. Download the API RFC from OGC.

OGC is also seeking comment on V2.0 of its web coverage service. The open standard supports retrieval of geospatial coverage data. A new transaction extension provides for transactions such as create, update, and delete, offering ‘versatile’ access to geospatial information from a wide variety of sources, notably ‘big’ geospatial applications.

XBRL has announced the XBRL US center for data quality to address concerns as to the utility of XBRL financial data filed with the SEC. The Center will provide guidance on consistent tagging of financial data and when custom tags are appropriate. A set of automated validation and error detection rules is to be developed and contributed to the Arelle open source XBRL platform.

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