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Actenum DSO/Upstream 5.0 and a new DSO/CX 1.0 collaboration tool are set to digitize the well delivery and operational scheduling processes.

A new version (2013.1) of Emerson/Roxar’s RMS adds new tools for structural modeling, uncertainty management and well targeting. Fault uncertainty modeling now includes sealing effects and fractures. Model-driven interpretation is enhanced with new tools for velocity model QC. Performance has been boosted with a multi-threading/parallel processing capability.

CMG has announced iSegWell, an advanced analytical wellbore modeling addition to its Imex black oil simulator.

GE Oil & Gas has released InspectionWorks Connect, a remote collaboration platform for nondestructive testing and inspection.

MicroSeismic’s AlertArray provides a ‘single solution’ to monitoring seismicity during hydraulic fracturing and fluid injection operations.

Peloton’s WellView 10.0 adds a well barrier template, data-drawn schematics for wellhead and more. A new water management solution is available in WellView and SiteView.

Trimble’s expanded geospatial portfolio for oil and gas includes new laser scanning instrument features, automated storage tank inspection and advanced pipeline data collection and analysis software.

A new ‘from the ground up’ rebuild of Headwave (V3.0) interactive seismic data visualization toolkit adds support for wide-azimuth gathers, interpretation, and well data. The new version supports stratigraphic and quantitative analysis, adding a data link with Petrel.

The 4.2 release of Interica’s Project resource manager/PARS supports Kerberos single sign-on, support for sparse files and performance improvements for seismic processing clients.

Kepware’s Industrial data forwarder for Splunk pipes industrial data into the big data platform. Custom tag metadata can be added for data enrichment, correlation, and aggregation in Splunk Enterprise or in the cloud.

Norsar has announced a data link/plug-in for Petrel. Now available from the Ocean Store.

Schlumberger’s Ocean Framework 2015 adds new APIs and a new perspective for data management plug-ins. Reservoir engineering, wells, drilling and other domains also see new added functions.

Opgal’s new EyeCGas FX optical gas imaging camera is designed for 24/7 monitoring of fugitive emissions in industrial plants and offshore platforms. The Atex-certified unit detects a variety of hydrocarbon gas emissions such as ethylene, methane, butane, propane and other volatile organic compounds.

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