Paradigm 15 rolls-out at EAGE

New features address non conventional exploration, data management and interoperability.

At the Madrid EAGE Paradigm unveiled the latest release of its eponymous upstream interpretation and data management suite. Paradigm 15 offers a ‘high-definition platform,’ interdisciplinary workflows and third-party data integration. Duane Dopkin, VP geoscience, said, ‘Advanced quantitative seismic interpretation and tight integration between earth modeling and velocity determination help users achieve accurate results quickly.’

For non conventional exploration the new release helps prioritize expenditure on asset with the ‘sweetest most profitable spots,’ those with the highest TOC, most fractures and biggest net pay area. Other tools help achieve optimal well spacing in 3D, avoiding drilling too many wells and knowing ‘how close is too close.’ The software also supports drilling scheduling and planning and optimizing fracking and re-fracking. During drilling, non-productive time is minimized by optimized geosteering to stay within the productive formation and avoid drilling hazards with real-time pore pressure prediction.

For data managers the new release adds bi-directional exchange of seismic data between Epos and Schlumberger’s Petrel. Horizons, well and reservoir data can be exchanged via a Resqml plug-in for Petrel that Paradigm has developed. Other novelties include better performance loading simulation and production data from CMG and Eclipse and loading of production data in IHS format. A two-way Recall to Paradigm Geolog connector is now also available. Checkout the informative Paradigm 15 data sheet for more on the new release.

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