Jason, Hampson-Russell, Insight Earth updates

Major releases from CGG GeoSoftware’s flagship geoscience suites.

CGG GeoSoftware has revamped its product line with ‘major releases’ of new technology across its portfolio of Jason, Hampson-Russell and Insight Earth software. CGG believes that the new technologies can help E&P companies ‘better manage volatility and improve performance’ in these difficult times.

The 9.0 Jason release adds anisotropic inversion for wide-azimuth seismic, a synthetics toolbox and an integrated platform for sharing of well information across PowerLog, Jason Workbench and EarthModel FT. The common platform supports well, seismic and geostatistically-derived lithology across the seismic to simulation workflow.

Version 10.0 of Hampson-Russell sees the addition of two new tools: RockSI, an interactive tool for exploring the relationship between rock properties and seismic data through petro-elastic models and GeoSI for pre and post-stack stochastic inversion.

Insight Earth 3.0’s PaleoSpark offers improved carbonate reef interpretation resulting from an optimized stratal slicing process and SaltSpark enhances the update of complex salt velocity models. In addition, a new dip-guided autotracker for horizons, faults, salt, canyons and other geological features in 2D, 3D and Curtain Slice modes reduces interpretation cycle-time while increasing accuracy. More from CGG.

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