Midland Valley and GiGa IS - ‘geology in space and time'

Swiss cross-border geomodeling leverages ‘revolutionary’ 4D spatial data manager.

Midland Valley reports on an innovative, ‘open’ 3D geological modeling solution from the Swiss federal office of topography’s GeoMol cross-border data modelling project. The EU-backed GeoMol project is investigating the potential of Alpine foreland basins for energy storage and production including hydrocarbon potential.

Midland Valley’s contribution leverages its Move structural modeling package which has been extended to work with third party 3D data stores. Amongst these is GiGa info-systems’ ‘revolutionary’ Geosciences in space and time (GST) system. GST stores spatial data in any relational database using open standards such as the OGC’s simple feature standard. GST is agnostic to the underlying database management system.

The GST link provides Move users with the ability to store and retrieve data in a 3D enterprise scale relational database and access full or partial features via spatial querying. The GeoMol project uses Move as the geologist’s access point for cross-border data covering the Alpine Foreland Basin area in six national areas. More from Midland Valley.

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