ExxonMobil, EON Reality simulate the ’smellies'

Training simulator includes dynamic process models, 3D VR, odor, vibration and weather.

ExxonMobil has retroceded a license to an immersive 3D operator training simulator to its co-developer, EON Reality. The simulator was originally developed by EON and ExxonMobil Upstream Research for use at a gas processing facility in Qatar and has been in operation since 2013. The system provides a realistic interface to over 300 control devices across six gas processing units. Upstream research president Sara Ortwein said, ‘The simulator provides a 3D environment that is a close replica of an operating plant. Simulators are highly effective in training workers on how to prevent incidents, while teaching them to respond quickly and appropriately should any occur.’

The system combines dynamic processes and functional models of rotating valves, push-buttons and active gauges. Functions include gestural and vocal commands and enhanced time-variant sensory conditions including tactile feedback, odors, vibration and wind simulation. Scenarios can be created for workforce development, competency assurance, project commissioning support, new hire orientation, and more efficient turnaround/shutdown planning.

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