Intelligent operations or an intelligent operator?

Versatec delivers ViewPort-based ‘intelligent operating manual’ to Wintershall.

Speaking at the Netherlands WIB meeting earlier this year, Klass-Otto Ykema (Versatec) provided an insight into the ‘Intelligent operating manual’ his company has provided for a North Sea asset operated by Wintershall. The Intelligent operating manual (IOM) addresses HSE and compliance issues with a focus on offshore oil and gas operations.

Operators are confronted with multiple information sources, real time data, data in SAP, SharePoint, Documentum and other specialist systems. There is ‘too much information.’ Versatec advocates cherry picking these and publishing only critical asset information. Cross references in documents (tag numbers) can be captured with a combination of pattern recognition in scanned documents and keywords.

There remain problems of inconsistent terminology and document versions. Versatec uses Radial Software’s rules-based ‘ViewPort’ solution to provide checks of tags and keywords against the asset register. ViewPort is claimed to drive governance, safety and discovery and supports a move from fragmented systems to ‘true automation.’ Wintershall’s IOM took 25 man days to implement and test against 2500 tags. The IOM is also used in the design phase, notably on the Dolwin offshore windfarm controller where it is used to standardize engineering drawings in Intergraph Smart Plant.

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