Tüpras goes live with Amber Road

Turkish refiner screens suppliers with cloud-based global trade management solution.

Turkish Petroleum Refineries Co. (Tüpras) has just gone live with Amber Road’s automated restricted party screening solution, following a six week implementation. Tüpras operates four large oil refineries in Turkey and does business with about 12,000 suppliers, customers and financial institutions. As part of a broad initiative to build a comprehensive corporate compliance strategy, tied to a more stringent regulatory environment and greater demands from its business partners, Tüpras fast-tracked the restricted party screening portion of its program.

Amber Road provides cloud-based global trade management solutions, automating import and export processes to enable goods to flow across international borders. The solution includes ‘enterprise-class’ software, trade content sourced from government agencies and transportation providers in 145 countries. The hosted solution screens trading partners against restricted party, sanctions and embargoes lists and provides notifications, escalation scenarios and audit. Tüpras cited ease of use and comprehensive functionality as the primary reasons it selected Amber Road.

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