Peterson, Streamba team on supply chain logistics

Data-driven ‘intelligent’ supply chain to replace ‘well-intentioned but contradictory’ legacy systems.

Rotterdam, Netherlands-headquartered international energy logistics provider Peterson and its wholly-owned Streamba software unit have announced VOR, a ‘data-driven, intelligent and automated augmentation’ to the modern supply chain. VOR addresses issues of complexity, duplication and inefficiency that arise from the organic growth of ‘well-intentioned but contradictory’ systems and processes.

The VOR oil and gas procurement and logistics service lets customers, vendors and suppliers enter supply chain operational data. VOR then provides a real-time view of where goods or services are at any time, from warehouses and vessels, to pallets, helicopters, containers and trucks. VOR promises cost reductions from the use of this collective data along with risk mitigation thanks to supply chain visibility and transparency.

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