Shell, Yokogawa ‘co-innovate'

Next generation process control platform dovetails with Yokogawa’s Transformation 2017 program.

Shell has teamed with Yokogawa Electric on development of a ‘next-generation’ platform for process control applications. The software speeds up and simplifies the process of designing, deploying, and maintaining advanced process control applications. The toolset leverages Shell’s process expertise along with real-time control technology from Yokogawa.

The software includes multivariable model predictive control, soft sensing and various ad-hoc calculations and customizations. Parameters are monitored over a period of time to establish plant step responses and determine how various inputs impact process values. This software automatically figures model results and displays a robustness rating. Users can select the optimum model which can be rebuilt at any time. The system provides visibility across the entire plant, monitoring target process units, and checking controlled variables and KPIs. The solution is currently being marketed to third parties by Yokogawa. The ‘co-innovation’ concept is a feature of Yokogawa’s ‘Transformation 2017’ program for mid-term business growth. TF2017 kicks-off in fiscal year 2015 and targets a return of ‘11% or more.’ More from Yokogawa.

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