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Strapped-for-cash global geoscience mapping initiative adds web coverage service.

OneGeology, an international collaboration between geological science institutes has outlined its work and funding plans for 2015-16. OneGeology (Oil IT Journal September 2008) was set up principally by the UK Geological Survey and France’s BRGM as a worldwide digital geological mapping system. Since then Earth and computer scientists have collaborated on the digital geological map of the world. This year’s program includes a large amount of ‘business as usual’ activity, in particular fundraising as the UK and France seek other parties capable of sharing the financial burden. New principal member subscriptions and/or other income sources are necessary for OneGeology to continue

Assuming that the funding issues can be sorted, the OneGeology program includes registering new web map services (WMS) from around the world, especially from South America. OneGeology’s underlying GeoSciML protocol is to be extended with a web feature services and a new metadata catalogue is planned, leveraging the imminent new release 3.0 of the open source Geonetwork spatial catalog. This will then include new ways of searching for the extended geoscience data types that OneGeology now encourages.

BRGM is to implement a new Geoserver service to provide the backdrops for the new multi-projection support system. Finally, support for the OGC web coverage service is planned. This will facilite the visualization and exchanging of large grid and raster data sets as a ‘small step’ towards full 3D support. Interested parties should sign up for the Technical Implementation Group (TIG) meeting in Lisbon on 26 May.

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