BP, Chevron standardize on Petrel

Two major software contracts consolidate desktop geoscience tool’s lead.

Schlumberger has signed two key deals for deployment of its flagship Petrel geoscience applications with BP and Chevron Energy Technology Company. Petrel is a component of BP’s new digital technology roll-out. The first deployment of the two-year global implementation has been successfully completed at BP’s business unit in Aberdeen, Scotland.
Schlumberger Information Solutions’ president Uwem Ukpong said, ‘Petrel replaced an existing software toolkit to help upstream technical staff optimize work processes, improve efficiency and reduce non-productive drilling time.’

Speaking at last year’s PNEC data management conference, BP’s Pradeep Vaswani outlined BP’s ‘Chili’ upstream digital platform which has Schlumberger’s Petrel running on top of Landmark’s R5000 data infrastructure. The Chevron deal covers a long-term software contract providing universal access to Petrel, Techlog, OFM and ProSource data management across Chevron’s entire earth sciences organization. More from Schlumberger.

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