Open big data platform for oil and gas

Mtelligence adds MapR Hadoop to Previse/Open TSDB equipment monitor.

San Diego, California-based Mtelligence Corp (Mtell) is to extend its software solutions for the management of the health of industrial equipment with a ‘big data’ platform from Hadoop boutique MapR. The new Mtell Reservoir offering includes Hadoop, Mtell Previse and the open source time-series database Open TSDB. The system ingests and analyzes real-time sensor and historical data alongside maintenance data that are generated from rotating machinery and other equipment on oil rigs and other industrial plants.

Mtell Reservoir is an enterprise historian that distributes disk access and CPU processing across MapR clusters. ‘Orders of magnitude’ improvements are claimed over current plant historians. Mtell reports proven loading of over 100 million data points per second on four servers and linear performance scaling with the number of servers.

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