Meridium - ‘using big data since 1993!’

User conference hears Founder Bonz Hart expound on not-so-new technologies.

Asset management specialist Meridium has an interesting take on a range of new technologies that maybe aren’t so new after all. CEO and Founder Bonz Hart opined at the Meridium user conference that ‘While everyone is talking about the potential of Big Data, M2M, the Cloud, Advanced Analytics and the internet of things, we have been using these technologies 1993!’ Hart and CTO Eddie Amos demoed the next generation of Meridium APM with a new interface that can be configured by subject matter experts (not developers) and cloud functionality. Meridium also announced APM Connect a service bus for integrating asset data and an integration ‘center of excellence’ offering development, support and services.

The latest 4.0 release of Meridium Enterprise APM includes risk-based inline inspection and thickness monitoring management. The new functionality covers onshore pipeline systems enabling users to manage fixed, rotating, and linear assets within a single solution. A risk calculator now supports threat-based ‘recognized and generally accepted engineering practices.’ At the show Total/Aramco joint venture Sabic was awarded the 2015 APM best practice award for its integrity change management program.

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