Petex, Landmark team

IPM Field Management meets Intelligent Operations Solutions in joint digital oilfield solution for production monitoring, optimization and forecasting.

Halliburton’s Landmark software business line is to team with Edinburgh, UK’s Petroleum Experts (Petex) on the development of advanced production solutions for the digital oilfield. Petex’s digital oil field, a.k.a. IPM Field Management (IFM) is an enterprise-level vendor neutral environment for production monitoring, optimization and forecasting. IFM is claimed to be ‘productized,’ avoiding the ‘costs and delays’ of alternatives.

IFM will now be the core platform for Landmark’s production solutions, extending its portfolio of drilling, economics, geoscience and simulation software in a ‘single, seamless real-time field management system.’ IFM and Landmark’s DecisionSpace will be integrated and extended as a new joint DOF solution.

Landmark VP Nagaraj Srinivasan said, ‘Customers will receive immediate benefit from the pre-integration of existing Landmark and Petex products as components of Landmark’s Intelligent Operations Solutions. We are also to develop a new class of production and reservoir workflows to meet existing and emerging industry challenges. More from Landmark and Petex.

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