GIS and data virtualization. Mimosa and interoperability

PPDM Houston data management symposium hears from Devon on geospatial IT. Noah Consulting applies big data to combat low ROI of unconventionals.

Speaking at the 2015 PPDM Houston Data management symposium and tradeshow, Jerrod Stutzman provided an in-depth review of Devon Energy’s evolving geographic information systems. Stutzman kicked off with a geospatial 101 along with some tips on geographic data QC. Once data is clean it needs synchronizing across enterprise applications with tools like FME, Informatica, ArcGis, TIDAL Scheduler and cron jobs. Geoprocessing can be applied to datasets for instance to populate a PPDM well_area polygon or to generate a well pad schematic.

Devon deploys a heavyweight IT stack for GIS support. Geo data from domain specific applications is consolidated to storage on ArcSDE and PostGIS. ETL* jobs run overnight to feed data to applications such as ArcGIS, OpenGeo, Geocortex and FME.

Future development includes a Voyager GIS deployment for geospatial search, ‘virtualization’ of source data sets and real time capability. A sensor data infrastructure is also planned, leveraging technology from OSIsoft and Esri. Devon’s geospatial data management fits into Devon’s ongoing big data initiative which includes a Hadoop cluster, master data management and data virtualization with Informatica data services.


Jim Crompton from Noah Consulting elaborated on the big data theme. A mastery of multiple big data sets is required to combat the low ROI of unconventionals. This will come through a transformation of the oil and gas solutions model via an interoperable ‘system of systems.’ Such will enable a shift from high maintenance custom coded development to an ‘open industrial interoperability ecosystem’ allowing for configurable plug and play re open systems. Enter the Mimosa-backed oil and gas interoperability pilot, a ‘systems and information (as opposed to application) centric architecture.’ Checkout the working documents from the interoperability testbed on the Mimosa website.

Presentations from the PPDM Houston show are now online.

* Extract, transfer, load.

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