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Assai Software’s engineering document management solution now includes AssaiOnSite to enable up/downloads across low bandwidth connections into the Assai collaboration portal.

Badleys’ Move2015 introduces Trishear, a new 3D move-on-fault algorithm that restores complex deformation ahead of a fault tip. Badley’s flagship ‘uncertainty mitigator,’ Traptester has been rebranded as ‘T7.’

ClearEdge3D has released EdgeWise 5.0 with improved pipe extraction algorithms, a Plant 3D plug-in and ClearView, a photo-realistic point cloud visualization engine.

IBM researchers have recorded 123 billion bits of data on one square inch of magnetic tape. The breakthrough represents the equivalent of a 220 terabyte tape cartridge, an 88 fold improvement over today’s LTO6.

Ikon Science has released a seismic data conditioning plugin for Schlumberger’s Petrel, providing pre and post stack QC workflows as a precursor to quantitative interpretation.

INT’s GeoToolkit.JS 1.3 improves visualization of complex data on endpoints from desktops to mobile devices. The release includes new gauge types, a well log widget for common log displays and new log data event and log curve data source objects.

KBC Advanced Technologies has released new versions of its engineering software suite. Petro-SIM 6 now supports life of field modeling with the integration of Multiflash’s high resolution thermodynamics and Feesa Maximus’ thermal hydraulic production models.

New releases of LynxSeismap, Clickrelate and Rasterlink include support for ESRI ArcGIS 10.3. The solution provides point-and-click access to linked documents, images, seismic, well logs and formation tops.

Newgate Instruments JT400 ultra-low power wireless multivariable transmitter measures differential and static pressure and process temperature. The explosion-proof unit targets custody-transfer applications with an API 21.1-compliant data logging and a local USB interface for configuration and data download.

Release 4.0 of OildexSpendworks ePayables includes a new GUI/dashboard, auto-email dispute resolution and enhanced administration functionality.

Pegasus Vertex has announced Bass, a new bridge agent size selector. The tool uses lost circulation material blends and particle size distribution to optimize selection based on the ‘ideal packing theory.’

Safran Software has announced Safran Integrator for SAP, providing ‘seamless’ information flow between Safran Project and SAP.

Schlumberger’s ‘brand new’ drilling optimization software, built on big data analytics from the 70 million feet it drills every year, is coupled to an upgraded rig control system, promising a ‘step-change’ in drilling performance. The 2015.1 edition of CoreDB delivers (another!) step-change in functionality and interoperability with Oracle and Microsoft. The Intersect simulator now runs in the cloud.

ZTR Control Systems has announced a heavy oil well site monitoring and control solution under its inReach brand. The system offers J1939 and Modbus connectivity and dual-mode (cellular or satellite) communications.

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