GeolSoc celebrates 200th anniversary of first geological map

Lynx brings ‘map that changed the world’ into electronic age.

To celebrate the 200th anniversary of William ‘Strata’ Smith’s seminal 1815 ‘delineation of the strata of England and Wales,’ the UK Geological Society has announced a year-long program of events. At the launch event in Burlington House a new interactive Strata-Smith website was unveiled that allows users to view all the known surviving editions of the Map.

The development of this website was sponsored by UKOGL, and developed by Lynx Information Systems. Lynx’s Peter Wigley demoed the new website’s interactive map viewer. Along with the Smith maps, users can overlay modern geology, wells and seismic sections (using Lynx’s online SEG-Y viewer) along with topographic maps. More from Lynx.

The accolades are all the more fitting in that, back in the day, the Society gave Smith the cold shoulder, as Simon Winchester describes in his book, ‘The map that changed the world.’

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