DGB reveals plans for upgraded Open dTect Pro

Next release heralds ‘truly competitive’ seismic interpretation system with 3D PDF data sharing.

DGB has great plans for its OpendTect seismic interpretation package which it is planning to upgrade and ‘make truly competitive with other seismic interpretation systems.’ The new edition will launch at the 2015 SEG New Orleans convention under the name OpendTect Pro (OTP). OTP will offer improved interpretation workflow, a mapping functionality, a bidirectional link to Petrel and a PDF-3D plugin for sharing 3D images.

Commercial licenses of OpendTect will be automatically converted to OpendTect Pro licenses at no additional cost. DGB is also working on a new HorizonCube algorithm for inclusion with the Pro edition. The PDF-3D plugin allows users to capture a 3D scene to a 3D PDF file which can be shared with colleagues, managers and partners who can open it in the free Adobe Reader or embed it into a PowerPoint presentation. Checkout the 3D-PDF technology and visit dGB.

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