Eco-fracking, good news, bad news ...

Autris’ nitrogen fracking technology on the up as Gasfrac goes bust.

The search for a politically correct means of fracking shales continues with an announcement from Autris of a ‘green’ nitrogen fracking solution delivered from its wholly-owned NitroHeat subsidiary. The ‘dual action mega pressure’ nitrogen solution, MaxFrack-N2, is a self-contained unit that produces up to 170,000 liters per hour of pure nitrogen at up to 5000psi. By our reckoning, at that pressure, Nitrogen should be in a supercritical fluid phase which one can imagine should create a fair amount of stress at the rock face. Autris CEO Derek Naidoo boldly forecasts fracking revenue in excess of ‘$100M over the next 5 years.’ More from NitroHeat.

Things aren’t going so well for Calgary-based Gasfrac, purveyor of propane-based fracking technology. Gasfrac has obtained approval from the Alberta bankruptcy court for the sale of substantially all of its assets to Step Energy Services. Interestingly, propane fracking is back in the news in France (where hydraulic fracking has been banned) where it is perceived as a possible route to ‘environmentally friendly’ fracking. More from Step.

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