Wolfram’s Data Drop for internet of things

New drag-and-drop data interface to computational cloud service from Mathematica developer.

Wolfram’s ‘data drop’ (WDD) service is claimed to make it easy to accumulate data of any kind, from anywhere—setting it up for immediate computation, visualization, analysis, querying and other operations. WDD is built on the Wolfram Data Framework, that ‘adds semantics to data to make it computable.’

Collections and time series of computable data are stored in named databins in the Wolfram Cloud and are instantly accessible from all Wolfram languages and other systems. The WDD can handle many data types, devices and sensors. Data can be added programmatically using a Web API, from email or web forms. A custom Raspberry Pi API is available for experimenters. The latest addition to the WDD is a data drop interface for the internet of things. More from Wolfram.

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