Nexanta’s software-defined storage for Drillinginfo

Petabyte dataset migrates to ‘open source-backed’ ZFS-based cloud storage provider.

Oil country information provider Drillinginfo has moved its petabyte of data to Nexenta’s open source-driven software-defined storage (SDS). Drillinginfo’s CTO Mike Couvillion explained, ‘Our data storage requirements had grown to around 900 terabytes and were increasing at over 20 TB/month.’ This was stretching the legacy NFS storage system to the limit.

Drillinginfo was looking for a ZFS storage system to improve scalability and performance and turned to Nexenta whose flagship NexentaStor now serves as its primary ZFS file system. The system runs on x86 industry standard hardware from Supermicro with NexentaStor built into the operating system. Drillinginfo also runs a VMware environment with 1,000 virtual machines to date.

Couvillion concluded ‘Because the Nexenta system is so redundant, it can be put on Supermicro, which costs us about $416/TB, well below the industry average. Also there is no additional licensing for replication. The system practically recovered its cost on delivery.’ Other components include IBM SAN volume controller and V5000 Storwize system for its fiber channel storage. More from Nexenta.

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