PPDM to morph!

Professional petroleum data management association to 'professionalize.’ Roadmap to ECIM, CDA involvement still work in progress.

PPDM is planning to ‘morph’ into a professional society along the lines of the SPE/SEG and the like. A professionalization committee has been set up to plan the transition with members from BP, Halliburton, and Shell. Last year ECIM, PPDM and CDA signed a memorandum of understanding to investigate organization, governance and membership terms and to seek stakeholder agreement. To date, a ‘high level future vision’ has been defined but ‘important early details are still being driven out.’ Making sure that the morphed PPDM meets the expectations of members is proving a challenge.

The new society will be dedicated to the recognition of data as a critical asset for industry and to the data manager’s professionalism. Certification and training are also on the agenda as is the establishment of a ‘body of knowledge’ of upstream data management. Still up for debate is the role of the new society in the development of standards and best practices. Members can join in the debate on ppdm.org. Professionalization of PPDM, ECIM and CDA was mooted at last year’s ECIM with the promise of a roadmap early in 2015 but this seems still to be work in progress.

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