Smith Flow Control safety interlock for Icthys LNG

Mechanical interlocks and coded keys support ‘human factor’ based safe operations.

UK-based Smith Flow Control (SFC) reports that over 2,500 key interlock systems (KIS) have been deployed throughout the Inpex-operated Ichthys LNG project offshore Australia. SFC’s mechanical interlocks embed a ‘human factors engineering’ approach to design. KIS are mechanical locking devices that operate on a ‘key transfer’ principle, controlling the sequence in which process equipment is operated. KIS are deployed on valves, closures and switches.

An equipment item’s ‘open’ or ‘closed’ or ‘on’ or ‘off’ status can only be changed by inserting a unique coded key that unlocks the valve or switch. Keys can be daisy chained providing a ‘mechanical logic’ that minimizes the risk of operator error. KIS systems can also integrate with distributed logic control systems to add reliable, mechanical assurance of safe operations. More from SFC.

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