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Neos GeoSolutions has announced a ‘second generation’ of its NeoScan geoscience interpretation package. NeoScan blends in-house datasets, public domain data and proprietary analytics to highgrade exploration acreage. The methodology includes seismic and potential field data along with Lidar and Shuttle radar topography data.

Saudi Aramco supplier Reveille Software has been awarded a US patent (No. 8,959,051) for ‘Offloading collections of application monitoring data,’ i.e. the asynchronous collection and storage of information from cloud or hybrid-cloud sources to a document management system.

Geokinetics reports successful testing of its AquaVib marine vibrator, a ‘long awaited’ alternative to air guns.

B-Scada has announced a new data connector to allow real-time visualization of data from Monnit’s low cost wireless sensors.

A new electronic logbook from Emerson Process Management lets operators electronically document activity, streamlining shift changes and enhancing safety and audits. The e-logbooks offer text and structured search for category, time span, equipment tags and more. Emerson also recently announced the Rosemount 40881006 multi variable transmitter for oil and gas applications, providing differential pressure, static pressure, and temperature measurement from a single transmitter.

ESG Solutions has announced a new release of its SuperCable low frequency GPS time synchronized downhole microseismic array for monitoring micro-earthquakes during fracking.

Energy Solutions Intl.’s Pipeline-Manager 4.0 includes new leak detection reports, water settlement analysis, enhanced GUI configuration from VisualPipeline and more.

FaultSeal’s FaultRisk 4.3 includes quick look Allan Maps with hydrocarbon contacts, new calibration tools and fault displacement statistics.

FFA’s GeoTeric 2015.1 includes a new ‘spectral expression’ tool for interactive optimization of seismic spectral content. A new link to Decision-Space (developed under Landmark’s iEnergy partnership program) allows for bi-directional data exchange. The Petrel link has also been enhanced.

FracFocus 3.01011, the US chemical disclosure registry improves data accuracy and public search with data now available for download in machine readable format.

V 5.16 of KepWare’s KepServerEX1012 includes a new scheduler plugin that optimizes available telemetry bandwidth while polling large deployments of flow computers and RTUs. The scheduler also prevents ‘rogue’ clients from hijacking bandwidth.

Oniqua’s Analytics Solution 6 has been certified to run on the SAP NetWeaver platform. Oniqua provides maintenance, repair and operations process optimization to clients including BP, BHP Billiton and ConocoPhillips.

A new release of Rock Flow DynamicstNavigator (4.1.3) allows for the import of Rescue-formatted geological models, introduces an enhanced modeling workflow and improved performance of AIM-based compositional models.

Wavefront Technology Solutions has announced a software tool for designing and modeling its Powerwave well simulation process.

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