Micron’s automata for oil and gas

Hardware "automata processor" set to impact oil and gas information retrieval.

In a recent presentation to the the Society of HPC Professionals, Dan Skinner presented Micron Technology’s ‘automata processor’ hardware for accelerated text search. Micron’s automata is ‘poised to fundamentally transform complex data analysis, just as hydraulic fracking has done for the oil and gas industry.’

Micron’s automata is a massively parallel device that performs high-speed search and analysis of complex, unstructured data streams. A single chip processes ‘up to 6.3 trillion decision paths per second.’ The automata is set to impact oil and gas which, like other verticals, is being ‘crushed under the weight of unstructured data that is far outstripping its analytic capability.’

Current use cases for the automata include network security where the hardware is claimed to scale linearly for malware pattern search and analysis. Snort network intrusion detection has been benchmarked at 1 Gbps per processor bandwidth. More from Micron.

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