CGG struggles with Diskos seismics

CGG asks Norway’s explorationists for patience as data migration meets with ‘technical difficulties.’

We learned at last year’s Ecim that ‘time was running out’ for the timely transfer of Norway’s seismic dataset to CGG’s Trango repository. A post on the Diskos home page reveals that the system is still not fully operational.

The well and production data modules are operational but ‘due to technical difficulties within CGG and the complexity and size of Norway’s seismic data’ the seismic module is still undergoing testing by a reference user group. Other functionality (including automated seismic data download) will be phased in and tested by a 130 strong enlarged group of ‘reference users’ over the next few weeks.

The project involves the migration of a petabyte of seismic data into an IBM ‘Elastic Storage’ unit, a combination of disk and tape robot that promises a ‘unified view of data irrespective of location.’ A data clean-up project is running in parallel with the migration. CGG asks Diskos users for patience while the system rolls-out.

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