PAS inBound monitors BP’s plant operational limits

Software monitors plant ‘boundary’ data for safer operations and compliance.

BP is to deploy software from Houston-based PAS* to help manage critical operational limits in its refineries and petrochemicals assets. The PAS inBound system captures plant data from alarms and safety instrumentation and provides operators with real time alerts.

inBound lets operators explore ‘boundary compliance’ to identify areas of plant safety improvement. Such ‘boundary data’ includes process alarms, safety instrumentation and normal operating envelopes. A scorecard shows adherence to limits as well as detailed and trend information for decision-making. InBound integrates with a plant’s alert system to drive critical operator actions.

inBound is a component of PAS’ PlantState suite that is deployed at over 600 sites worldwide. inBound VP Mark Carrigan said, ‘Automated boundary management is considered an industry best practice today. BP joins other PAS customers who utilize these advanced methods of plant safety controls.’ More from PAS2401.

* Plant automation services.

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