Standards stuff

New PIDX guidelines. Data mining standard from OAGi. Oasis/ProStep to collaborate on smart information flows. ISO consolidates indexing standards. Cape-Open interface for K-Spice.

PIDX has posted an updated business process guideline and code list XML schema for public review and comment. The update unifies PIDX response documents (PO, Field Ticket, Pro Forma Invoice, and Invoice).

The OAGi’s data mining group has released the predictive model markup language (Pmml), an XML-based file format for exchange of neural network and other AI models.

The OASIS consortium and ProSTEP iViP are coordinating their work on standards for smart information flows in an industrial engineering environment. ProSTEP’s code of PLM openness addresses business requirements for agility in complex IT environments. More from Oasis.

ISO’s TC46/SC9 groups are to revise and consolidate their document indexing standards. More from ISO.

Kongsberg’s K-Spice now sports a Cape-Open compliant interface for thermos-dynamics and life-cycle simulation support. More from Cape-Open.

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