Teapot Dome sold

Stranded Oil Resources acquires government oilfield in $45 million transaction. But what has become of the seminal Teapot Dome dataset?

The US department of energy has sold the ‘historic’ Teapot Dome oilfield (a.k.a. the Naval Petroleum Reserve Number 3) to Alleghany Capital unit Stranded Oil Resources Corp. The $45 million proceeds from the sale will end up in the US Treasury’s coffers. Teapot Dome was made famous in the 1920s as the subject of a political bribery scandal.

The field was run by the Rocky Mountain oilfield testing center (Rmotc), a government facility that was disbanded in 2014. The Rmotc provided a popular and widely used dataset of the field which appears to have been orphaned by the sale.

Oil IT Journal asked both the US Department of Energy (DoE) and Alleghany for the status of the public domain data. Spokesperson Namrata Kolachalam told us that the data was no longer available from the DoE. Alleghany did not respond to our emailed request. The question now for upstream software developers and testers is, where to get a hold of the Teapot Dome data. PPDM members might like to grab the data here before it’s too late.

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