Standards leadership, OMG, "Ogifra," what next?

Massive mapping initiative, oil and gas standards "hot topic" and yet another reference framework!

The Standards leadership council (SLC) has announced its public Forums in Houston and Stavanger. These should be a good opportunity for members to report progress from the dozen or so workgroups announced in the SLC website. These include no less that eight bi-directional mapping initiatives between member societies’ standards which might seem rather ambitious for a group sans finances.

While not directly involved in the mapping, the Object Management Group (OMG) has announced oil and gas as a current ‘hot topic’ with a revamp of its position paper and a reiteration of the claim that ‘little has been done since the adoption of the Witsml standard.’ And this despite three years of SLC activity! One hopes though that the OMG’s UML will serve the SLC’s massive mapping effort.

Yet another oil and gas ‘standard’ was announced at the The Open Group’s (TOG) annual San Diego meet this month which heard Leonardo Ramirez (Arca1) expound on the use of the TOG’s ‘Togaf’ methodology to ‘align corporate strategy with execution.’ The work was supported by a research program into an ‘oil and gas information framework reference architecture,’ (Ogifra). Despite a long email exchange with Oil IT Journal, TOG has failed to provide any more information on the ‘reference architecture.’

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