Going, going ... green

Golder Software, GE, Dakota Software, US DoE, The Oxygen Factory.

Oil sands operator Syncrude Canada is building a consolidated system to optimize its environmental information managed. The ‘system of systems’ covers land and mineral rights, geomatics, tailings, water quality and biodiversity. The GIS-based system is being developed by Golder Software which supplied a system for the Base Mine Lake demonstrator.

GE and Statoil are to address the environmental challenges of oil and gas production, leveraging GE’s ‘CNG in a box’ technology, the use of liquefied CO2 in fracking and gas compressor optimization.

Dakota Software reports successful deployment of its environmental management platform by manufacturer McWane. Dakota’s ProActivity Suite provides ‘a 360ø degree view’ of air, water, and waste compliance and tracks transporters, disposal facilities and management of waste profiles, shipments, and containers.

The US has sequestered almost 1 million metric tonnes of CO2 as of February, 2015 via the Department of energy’s clean coal program, the equivalent of the annual emissions from 210,000 vehicles.

The Oxygen Factory is ‘recycling’ carbon, burning hydrocarbons and garbage to generate electricity and capturing and separating exhaust gases. The CO2 is turned into biomass through ‘enhanced photosynthesis and photocatalysis.’

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