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Badleys’ ‘T7’ (formerly Traptester) provides a new 3D framework for stress analysis, fracture prediction and more. Watch the video.

Petrosys 17.6 introduces an interactive spatial editor for map data from a range of sources and formats. The tool allows for generation of buffer polygons surrounding shape and point data.

V2.7 of Integrated InformaticsGeomancy decision engine adds impact reporting of well sites, pipeline planning and reporting and well lateral placement in large lease boundaries.

The V4.3 edition of ‘IP,’ LR Senergy’s formation evaluation and well data interpretation tool, adds a multi-user, multi-well functionality and an upgraded mineral solver. Also new is the use of 3D self organizing maps for rock typing.

Behavioral Recognition Systems has released V5 of its AISight artificial intelligence platform for Scada and information security. AISight is a multi-sensor data analytics platform with applications for video, intelligent alerting and remote operations.

Broadband Antenna Tracking Systems has announced a proprietary microwave communications system tailored to the needs of shale operators. The ruggedized system integrates with third party radios to form a multi-gigabit bandwidth communications network.

Golder Software’s FracMan 7.5 adds modeling capabilities for fractured conventional and shale reservoirs, 3D simulation of fracture interaction and simulation of hydrocarbon flow to well.

CoreLogic’s new SpatialRecord is a single-source, parcel-level information solution for oil and gas land record management. A comprehensive parcel database includes information on some 140 million US land parcels, around 99% of the nation’s properties.

Pegasus Vertex has announced MudPro+ with new functions for tracking mud volumes and concentration in both the active system and reserve pits.

Safe Software has released FME 2015 with expanded support for point cloud data, support for Esri ArcGIS 10.3 and enhanced web mapping services functionality. FME 2015 introduces supports for Minecraft ‘to enable users to make their GIS and other data available through its interactively discoverable gaming platform.’

PetroWeb’s new data rules module tracks data quality across an asset, adding geospatial data agnostic functionality to geoscience workflows.

SCM has released its tips and tricks for Petrel 2014 with focus on the use of the Microsoft FluentUI/ribbon interface.

Tecplot RS 2014 R2 adds conditional expressions, custom 3D Views and grid comparison to the reservoir simulation visualization and analysis package.

‘Irish-based’ Weatherford has announced a new FracAdvisor service providing near real-time guidance to operators for optimized completion designs, reduced operational risks and increased fracking efficiency.

The 2014 release of Schlumberger’s Pipesim steady-state multiphase flow simulator delivers new functionality to enhance user experience and simulation capabilities, including GIS network canvas and interactive wellbore schematic.

The 5.2 release of LandWorks’ land management suite brings live integration with Esri ArcGIS Server. Users can open a lease or right-of-way agreement and access a map displaying the relevant polygons. LandWorks currently runs on a client’s hardware. A cloud–based edition is in preparation.

New Century Software’s Facility Manager 5.0 provides enhanced accuracy and efficiencies to manage pipeline attribute centerline data stored in a GIS. ArcMap integration allows users to insert station information and apply spatial filtering to views. Documents can be associated with pipeline events and work orders and vice versa. Data staging ensures data is verifiable, accurate and traceable.

Imation’s combo of HGST’s 8TB Ultrastar hard disk drives with its Nexsan E-Series family of data storage provides up to 144TB of data in two units – almost 5 petabytes in a standard rack.

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