IBM Redbook outlines components of digital oilfield solution

Websphere-based ‘integrated operations’ uses semantic model to tame the data deluge.

IBM has just published a new RedBook titled ‘Improving upstream oil and gas operations with the IBM integrated operations (IO) solution.’ The 13 Page pamphlet enumerates the components of IBM’s IO/digital oilfield offering that is claimed to provide visibility into upstream processes and analytics-based insights. Overall, the offering gathers from equipment in the field and provides business intelligence and advanced analytics on data collected. Use cases include well and reservoir performance monitoring, maintenance repair and operations support and more.

IBM’s WebSphere integration bus provides connectivity with a range of industry-standard data endpoints including data historians (OSIsoft PI System and Aspentech IP21). OPC-UA connectors are available in the unlikely event that any such devices are deployed.

An ‘Intelligent operations center’ (IOC) provides data visualization with a GIS-based GUI, and a ‘rules engine’ to support decision making. The IOC further leverages a ‘semantic model’ that can ‘show the relationships between a well, seismic information, logs, sensor measurements, video streams and work orders’!

To make sense of the data deluge you will also need some of IBM’s SSPS-based data science offerings. If you like you can enter the ‘big data’ arena, with InfoSphere BigInsights, IBM’s Hadoop engine. IBM’s high end toolset runs on 64-bit Red Hat Enterprise Linux and (optionally) System x servers with quad core processors.

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