'Uber-like’ pipeline mapping system

Geospatial Corp. leverages Salesforce.com API in crowdsourced pipeline data collection.

Geospatial Corp. has announced a new mapping support service combining its GeoUnderground location-based infrastructure management system with the Salesforce.com API in what is described as an Uber-style ‘strategic service provider’ (SSP) program. The SSP provides access to Geospatial’s data acquisition technologies along with operational assistance and project management services.

Geospatial CEO Mark Smith said, ‘With well over 3 million miles of underground pipeline infrastructure yet to be accurately mapped, Geospatial’s SSP program will seek to enlist a substantial portion of the 60,000-plus service companies currently collecting various types of infrastructure data. Ideal candidates are existing surveyors, engineers, private utility locating companies, various pipeline inspection companies and a vast assortment of specialized channel partners.’

Coupling the Salesforce.com API with GeoUnderground provides a geo-referenced view of the SSPs market areas and will allow Geospatial to establish operation centers in major cities across the US and globally. GeoUnderground, built atop the Google Maps Engine and AP, lets users securely gather, share, view and edit geo-referenced information from the field on laptops, tablets or smart phones. More from Geospatial.

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