More on ConocoPhillips’ new intranet

SharePoint specialist BrightStarr wins award for The Mark intranet re-vamp.

UK-headquartered Microsoft SharePoint developer BrightStarr has successfully leveraged its ‘Kinetica’ methodology to deliver ‘The Mark’, a re-vamped intranet to ConocoPhillips. Kinetica uses surveys, interviews and workshops to gather user requirements at the design phase and is claimed to provide a ‘personal’ intranet experience while maintaining a strong connection to the business. BrightStar SVP Glen Chambers said, ‘A solution has to deliver a balance of form and factor. We have worked with ConocoPhillips to deliver an engaging user experience that promotes adoption.’

The new intranet provides 18,400 employees in 27 countries with collaboration and access to business information. The Mark offers a new ‘Mega Menu’ with three sub-categories ‘Our Company,’ ‘My Work & Collaboration,’ and ‘My Life & Career.’ These provide a clean homepage that ‘brings essential corporate information to the fore.’ The intranet can be accessed from any device, providing staff with anytime, anywhere access to essential resources. The Mark won BrightStarr one of the 2014 Nielsen Norman Award for best intranet design, its third in four years. More from BrightStarr.

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