GE Predictivity for Sabine Pass LNG export

Cheniere’s terminal now turned around from import to export with help from GE.

Last time we reported on Cheniere Energy’s Sabine Pass LNG terminal (OITJ April 2007) it was just about to open … for import. A lot has happened since then. Cheniere just announced that the facility is to open (for real?) and that it will be exporting US shale gas to the more lucrative world market. The company has entered into a 20 year, $1 billion contract with GE for the provision of a range of supplies and services on the first four LNG trains currently under construction. Each train will have six gas turbines and is expected to have nominal capacity to produce approximately 4.5 million metric tons per annum of LNG.

GE’s ‘Oil & Gas Services 2.0’ package leverages its Predictivity technology for equipment monitoring and pre-emptive maintenance, maximizing uptime. The project also will benefit from the expertise of the Houston GE Oil & Gas iCenter, which features more than 11 million hours of machine data and is one of three global centers strategically set up in different time zones to ensure 24/7 monitoring and diagnostics services for GE Oil & Gas’ installed fleet.

The Cheniere story featured in Gregory Zuckerman’s entertaining book, The Frackers. The shale gas (including, most recently, LNG export economics) story is also regularly covered by the FT’s shale skeptic-in-residence John Dizard.

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